iCloud Mail down! Apple working to restore service

iCloud Mail Is Down For Many Users While Apple Works To Restore Service [Breaking]

According to CultofMac.com many readers are experiencing issues with their iCloud Mail. We’re hearing loads of reports from both readers and Twitter that iCloud Mail & Notes is down.

However it seems as if Apple is aware of the problem and are currently working on fixing the problem.  According to Apple’s iCloud System Status page, they are aware the issue is affecting “some” users and are working hard to get service restored, but between the various Siri service outages and now this, it’s clear Apple’s been having issues lately keeping their servers up against strong demand.

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2011 MacBook Pro freezes under heavy load!!!

The new MacBook Pro seems to have a lot of smaller issues, so far many owners of 15-inch and 17-inch 2011 MacBook Pros are reporting that their notebooks are freezing up entirely under extensive load.

At first it was rumored to be single episodes, however one user reported on the Apple forum that he was able to reproduce it on every MBP at his local Apple Store.

Apparently, owners of 2011 MacBook Pros are reporting that under heavy load, their notebooks will freeze, even as sound continues. The cursor will still be movable, but the computer is completely unresponsive, and the only way to solve the problem is a hard reboot.

A rather lengthy thread, more than 41 pages, on Apple’s discussion forum describe brief blackouts and flickering when hooking up  a 2011 MacBook Pro to a 24-inch Cinema Display via the new Thunderbolt port, which is backwards compatible with DisplayPort. The fact the built-in display isn’t affected might suggest a problem with the Thunderbolt port, although it’s most likely software-related.

Apple hasn’t yet acknowledged these persistent glitches. They are reportedly aware of these problems, some users wrote, and are investigating them.

New MacBook Pros Causing Flickering in 24-Inch Cinema Displays?

Electronista over the weekend notedgrowing thread in the Apple Discussions forum regarding flickering issues being experienced by users of the new MacBook Pro paired with a 24-inch LED Cinema Display.

Users have already tried some of the more common tricks, such as resetting the SMC, but haven’t had any initial success. It also applies whether or not the AMD or Intel graphics are being used.

The Apple Discussions thread has continued to grow in the days following the original report, with at least one user reporting experiencing the issue with a 17-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple support staff are reportedly investigating the issue, having swapped out one user’s affected machine specifically to examine a unit known to be experiencing problems.Well, it appears Apple is aware of the issue. An Apple Discussions Host called me a few days ago after seeing one of my recent posts. He offered to swap my MacBook Pro for a new one so Apple Engineers can get their hands on a known bad unit. I shipped it off last night and anxiously await my replacement.

Apple officially discontinued the 24-inch LED Cinema Display last July.

Macbook Pro owners rejoice over NVIDIA settlement.

After a long battle Nvidia is finally  coming clean with Dell, HP and Apple owners who purchased some of the Laptops withdiscrete GPU “bumps” that sometimes caused failure.  NVIDIA has agreed to replace the faulty devices, however unlike the other producers Apple went to extraordinary lengths covering Macbook Pros affected with these issues for up to three years and issuing refunds to those who paid for repairs.

So in other words if you purchased a MacBook Pro from May 2007 – September 2008, you are likely covered by the settlement.

To view the sample Reimbursement Claim Form for an Apple notebook computer, click here. To view the sample Replacement Claim Form for an Apple notebook computer, click here.

iOS 4.2 gets pushed back, might not be released before Nov 24th.

While many iPad owners were hoping that today would finally be the day that iOS 4.2 would hit the market, it just didn’t happen, it simply doesn’t look like iOS 4.2 is going to drop today.

According to several news sites, a significant bug has been discovered in the iOS 4.2 GM that has prompted Apple to delay the final release. The bug apparently involves WiFi and causes the connection with the local network to drop every few minutes on both the iPad and iPhone 4.

The sites don’t seem to agree on the next supposed due date, MacStories is saying that this bug will end up delaying iOS 4.2 for as long as two weeks, according to 9to5Mac it wont take that long: they’re pegging Tuesday, November 16th as the new iOS 4.2 launch date, and finally MacRumors are saying it might be pushed back as far as November 24th, the day before Thanksgiving.

We will keep you in the loop and let you know as soon as we hear any news!


UK TV network enraged over rumors that Apple will rename the Apple TV to iTV

Apple TV

If you have followed the news about the redesign of the Apple TV these past couple of days, then you have most definitely heard the rumor that Apple is considering renaming the product to iTV. While this would make sense according to the Apple naming strategy, it has enraged the oldest commercial television network in the U.K ITV.

Even though the Apple iTV name is not official, Mirror.co.uk reported on Friday that executives at the ITV network were “furious” and met with lawyers this week to “stop the move.” The network is reportedly looking to achieve a global ban, preventing Apple from using the name in any territory.

ITV is a public service network that serves as a competitor to the BBC. The station was launched in 1955. As we mentioned this is still just a rumor, Apple hasn’t even announced the alleged Apple TV redesign, let alone officially settled on a name.

The controversy at the ITV network erupted after reports surfaced earlier this week speculating that the next Apple TV will be renamed to iTV, and will run the iOS mobile operating system. The rumored device will allegedly have a targeted starting price of $99, and will stream 720p content to users’ HDTVs.

iTunes gets updated to 9.2.1


If you have turned on your Mac or Windows update today then you will have noticed that there is a new iTunes update, Apple has released iTunes 9.2.1 for download.

The update is said to fix many of the issues and bugs that many users have been experiencing since the last update, other changes include:

• Disables older versions of some incompatible third-party plug-ins
• Addresses minor issues with dragging and dropping items
• Addresses a performance issue when first syncing to some devices with iTunes 9.2
• Addresses an issue upgrading to iOS 4 on an iPhone or iPod touch with encrypted back-ups
• Addresses other issues that improve stability and performance

You can get this update via Software Update on your Mac, or download it directly from the Apple website.

Consumer Reports still can’t recommend iPhone 4.

A few days back we reported that Consumer Reports couldn’t/wouldn’t recommend the purchase of the new iPhone 4 due to the issues with the antenna. Many people have speculated whether the hasty press conference was a specific response to the well-respected consumer advocacy site.

Well now the big question is did Steve Jobs manage to change Consumer Reports’ mind on the issue?

Not really While they do believe that Apple’s offer of free cases is a good first step, they still say that even with a free case, the iPhone 4 is a no-go to get a recommendation from the giant consumer testing firm. Last week CR created a furor when it said the iPhone was the best smart phone it had tested, but didn’t meet its standards for reception.

Consumer Reports write that they “look forward to a long-term fix from Apple. As things currently stand, the iPhone 4 is still not one of our Recommended models.”

What we find interesting is that the iPhone was the best smart phone they have tested, and yet they still wouldn’t recommend it, well the other phones they have tested must be crappy then? Right, but they still got a recommend stamp from the Tech Site, wonder how that works.

Apple Censors posts about Consumer Report Review.

Image source: Gizmodo.com

If you have been searching the Apple Support Boards in hope of discussions regarding the results from the Consumer Reports iPhone 4 test, then you are in for a surprise. Apple has simply deleted many of these threads.

Any discussion of the publication’s negative report, which demonstrated that the design flaw could affect all users, is frowned upon by Apple, apparently so much that they have decided to remove all traces of them.

However what Apple forgot was that all sites are cached by the major search engines, indeed Bing cached the threads before getting deleted by Apple. It is not the first time that Apple censors support threads—or applications and editorial content.

According to TUAW, “The original thread no longer exists on the Apple website; in its place is a message that reads “Error: you do not have permission to view the requested forum or category.”

TUAW furthermore write that “Apple has deleted similar discussions several times and demonstrates how a Google search of “consumer reports site:discussions.apple.com” also leads to several error messages in place of threads.”

Engadget go even further and say that “Apple deleting unsavory threads is “nothing new:” “Outside of “regular” moderation, the company routinely deletes discussion of hardware flaws that it’s not ready to ‘fess up to, or just generally negative lines of thought about its product.”

The funny thing is that while everyone is going crazy about what the report states, the report actually scores the iPhone 4 as the best score of all cellphones, two points ahead of the iPhone 3GS and the HTC Evo 4G.

Apple Shares drop 4% as Consumer Reports releases a “don’t buy” review

We knew that the reception issues with the iPhone 4 would have a negative aftermath for Apple, however that it would be so bad does surprise us a bit. Recently the shares of Apple have dropped almost 4% from their 50-day average price of $256.26 to $246.43.

According to Reuters, “JP Morgan warned that reports of wireless reception problems on the smartphone, which competes with Research in Motion’s Blackberry and Palm’s Pre, may eventually affect demand.”

“Apple shares are down on concerns about a possible defect with the new iPhone 4. Worries that iPhone 4 might be a lemon is weighing on their shares,” said Frederic Ruffy, options strategists at Web information site WhatsTrading.com.