Hollywood greats join CEOs and Former Presidents for Steve Jobs Memorial

Stanford Memorial Church courtesy of Jill Clardy on Flickr

This past weekend Hollywood greats joined CEOs and former president Bill Clinton for a Steve Jobs memorial held at Stanford Memorial Church

While Apple has remained relatively secretive about the event, Apple 2.0 claims to have obtained a list of names who attended the event, including former U.S. president Bill Clinton; U.S. vice president Al Gore, who is a current member of Apple’s board of directors; actor Tim Allen, as well as Bono, lead singer of the band U2.

CEOs and chairmen from rival companies also turned out to pay their respects, including Bill Gates, Larry Page, Larry Ellison and Michael Dell, CEO of Dell.

The list of memorial attendees, according to Apple 2.0, included:

  • Tim Allen, actor
  • Joan Baez, folksinger
  • Bono, U2 frontman
  • Bill Campbell, chairman of Intuit
  • Bill Clinton, former President
  • Ron Conway, founder of Angel Investors
  • Tim Cook, Apple CEO
  • Michael Dell, CEO of Dell
  • Rahm Emmanuel, mayor of Chicago
  • Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle
  • Scott Forstall, Apple senior vice president
  • Stephen Fry, actor
  • Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft
  • Chuck Geschke, Adobe co-founder
  • Al Gore, former Vice President
  • John Lasseter, chief creative officer of Pixar
  • Jon Miller, chief technical officer of News Corp.
  • Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp.
  • Larry Page, CEO of Google
  • Maria Shriver, former first lady of California
  • Larry Sonsini, Silicon Valley attorney
  • John Warnock, Adobe co-founder