Is Microsoft working on Office for iPad and Mac App Store?

According to several sources Microsoft is “actively working” on bringing its Microsoft Office suite to the iPad,looking to take on Apple’s iWork applications for the popular tablet device. The report also says that Microsoft is working on a updated Office for Mac suite, with the new version said to be targeted for a Mac App Store release sometime next year.

Microsoft acknowledged just after the iPad’s introduction in early 2010 that the company was “looking at” the possibility of bringing Office to the iPad, but by the time the device actually launched a few months later the company was saying that it had “no current plans” for such an offering.

Microsoft releases Office 2011 Service Pack 1

Microsoft Office 2011

Office 2011 version 14.1 (Service Pack 1) is now available from Microsoft’s website. Asannounced on April 6, the update includes a variety of improvements to the new Outlookfor Mac, including built in support for Apple’s Sync Services that allows users to more easily synchronize Outlook data with other Mac OS X software like iCal and BusyCal and devices like the iPhone and iPad through iTunes.

The update also includes the usual fixes for “critical issues” and patches a security vulnerability that could allow an attacker “to overwrite the contents of your computer’s memory with malicious code.”

Microsoft offers more details about the software update on its official Office for Mac blog. Even if the update isn’t showing in Office’s AutoUpdate utility yet, you can download the 246MB package here.