Apple Might Add Your Favorite MobileMe Feature If You Ask!

Are you still annoyed that your favorite MobileMe feature won’t be transferring over to iCloud? What will you do with all those files you have stored on your iDisk? How will you sync System Preferences between your Macs? Well, if you ask Apple nicely (and you get all your friends and family to ask, too), you might just get those features back.

One MobileMe subscriber is so unhappy that his favorite features are missing from iCloud that he emailed Tim Cook to complain.

To his surprise, he got a call back from the Apple camp in Cupertino. While the company would has no plans to reintroduce these forgotten features anytime soon, Tim’s people say “Apple is open to it if there’s enough feedback on the subject.”

So, if you’re really bummed that you can no longer publish your iWeb website to MobileMe, tell all your friends to tell all their friends’ friends to tell Apple about it — you might just get it back.

Apple launches Beta

Apple has just launched its online service which will later be the successor to MobileMe. Those signed up to the service can now use their web browser to access their Mail, Contacts, Calendar and more.

You may recognize the login screen from the image that was leaked before WWDC back in June. Once you’re logged in you have access to your iCloud Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My iPhone and even your iWork documents.

If you’re already a MobileMe users, the interface will feel very familiar, though there are a number of updates to its appearance.

Microsoft releases Office 2011 Service Pack 1

Microsoft Office 2011

Office 2011 version 14.1 (Service Pack 1) is now available from Microsoft’s website. Asannounced on April 6, the update includes a variety of improvements to the new Outlookfor Mac, including built in support for Apple’s Sync Services that allows users to more easily synchronize Outlook data with other Mac OS X software like iCal and BusyCal and devices like the iPhone and iPad through iTunes.

The update also includes the usual fixes for “critical issues” and patches a security vulnerability that could allow an attacker “to overwrite the contents of your computer’s memory with malicious code.”

Microsoft offers more details about the software update on its official Office for Mac blog. Even if the update isn’t showing in Office’s AutoUpdate utility yet, you can download the 246MB package here.

Apple stops shipping TechTool Deluxe with AppleCare

Lately it seems as if Apple is doing everything they can to move away from physical software, in other words first they stopped selling MobileMe in their retail stores, and now it seems as if they are no longer shipping TechTool Deluxe CDs with the AppleCare boxes anymore.

The move fits in well with Apple’s move to the Cloud for software distribution and perhaps to become more environmentally friendly. It is only a matter of time before Apple stops selling AppleCare in boxes altogether.

How to use find my iPhone

One of the more interesting news yesterday was the fact that Apple made “Find my iPhone” free for everyone to use. Therefore we have decided to create this How To… Guide, which will hopefully make it easier for you to set up the App.

This works on the iPhone 4 iPad and iPod touch, however for it to work you must update to iOS 4.2.1, once you have made sure you are up to date, follow the steps below.

1. Click on settings –>Mail, contacts, calendar

2. Click on the “add contact” button, then MobileMe

3. Now enter your Apple-ID as well as your password, these are the same as the ones you use for the App Store. If you don’t have an Apple-ID, there is the option to create one right there in the section.

4. Your device will now try to verify your account, if this is your first log in with this ID, then Apple will send you a verification mail.

5. The program will now ask whether you allow contact to be made with your device, simply click “allow”

When this has been completed your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Will be ready for detection, to test it simply log into or through the “Find my iPhone” app from the App Store.

You can try the different options, locate on map, send a message or play a sound, however be careful not to wipe your phone completely.

Apple makes Find My iPhone/iPad service free!

Among todays great news is the fact that Apple has decided to make Find My Iphone (iOS device) a completely free service. Find My iPhone / iPad is now free for iPhone 4, the iPad, and the fourth-gen iPod touch running iOS 4.2.1.

Just like with the paid version, you’ll be able to locate your device on a map, lock it, display a message, play a sound, or remotely wipe your data from any browser or the updated iOS app, which should presumably go live sometime today.

While we still think it would be amazing if Apple would make MobileMe a free service for all, we are still happy with this update. If you’re not familiar, the service basically does two things: it helps you locate a lost iOS device or lock down your data if your device is stolen. You still turn it on in MobileMe preferences, but now it just doesn’t cost you anything. In the event you lose your iOS device, you can use one of your other iOS devices or the MobileMe web site to track it or lock it down.

Apple releases iOS 4.2!

Today is the day that we have all been waiting for! Finally. Apple is shipping iOS 4.2 to iPads, the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4, and second, third and fourth generation iPod touches.

Those of us that have an iPad gain the most, since we will be getting app folder enhancements and multitasking for the first time. The update also includes Game Center, AirPlay and AirPrint for all devices. Furthermore Apple has announced that Find My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is now free to use without a MobileMe subscription.

The update should be available for downloading around 10:00 AM PST today. You’ll need the latest copy of iTunes (version 10.1) so make sure your Mac is up-to-date. Afterwards tether your iOS device to your Mac and check for updates in iTunes after the appointed time.

Check out Apple’s press release for complete details on this exciting new iOS release.

For those who prefer the direct downloads, here are the links!
Direct download for iPad here.
Direct download for iPhone 4 here.

.Mac HomePages to be retired!

Many .Mac HomePage owners will be heavy hearted after hearing that the websites they have created with the Apple iTool will no longer be accessible as of November 8.

According to an e-mail received earlier Apple said that it would be “retiring” HomePage and that users would no longer be able to edit the site, earlier though Apple said that “users’ sites would “remain live on the web for as long as you wish.” But now it seems as if “As long as you wish” doesn’t extend past November 8th, since Apple has decided that all sites will be taken offline.

Files hosted on the .Mac homepage won’t go away—users can retrieve them from their iDisks—but Apple is recommending all users switch to either a MobileMe Gallery or to a site published with the company’s iWeb software. Those users looking to migrate their photos or videos from a HomePage to a MobileMe Gallery can refer to a pair of knowledge base documents.

Will Apple release iLife ’11 on August 7th?


The rumors around iLife keep getting more intense, a few days ago we reported that several books have started circulating in Amazon shops around the world.

French website Mac4Ever has reported that Apple will lift the curtain on the new iLife on August 7th ,while this date is a Saturday, and we doubt Apple will release news about a product as important as iLife, we still think this rumors are interesting.

The new iLife is rumored to include several updates such as:

All applications will be 64-bit

– Improvements in iPhoto faces & places

– Improving the integration of social networks

– iWeb will be totally renewed

– New application (See below!)

– Disappearance of iDVD

– MobileMe gallery in beta (with faces & places)

Many ponder what the new mystery app could be, according to 9to5Mac the application will be more of an upgrade than a new application, iDVD would be redesigned allowing it to create iTunes LP and iTunes Extras packages, “giving consumers a way to share detailed digital albums featuring all manner of multimedia assets.”

It really is time for an update since the previous iLife ’09 was released in January of 2009, with major upgrades to all of its applications, including the Faces and Places features in iPhoto, and the addition of the Precision Editor to iMovie.

Mobile me gets many interesting updates…

As many users of MobileMe will have noticed a lot of exciting new things have happened over the past few days. Perhaps the biggest change/update is that the Mail web application is now out of beta and includes improvements such as:

  • Widescreen and compact views.
  • Rules to keep your email organized everywhere.
  • Single-click archiving.
  • Formatting toolbar.
  • Faster performance.
  • Increased security with SSL.
  • Support for external email addresses.
  • Improved junk mail filtering.

As we mentioned in an earlier post Apple also released a Find My iPhone app that now provides you with quick and easy access to the Find My iPhone service from all devices running iOS.