Turn your Magic Trackpad into a number pad with Magic Numpad

While the Magic Trackpad is amazingly functional and well designed, however sometimes you simply need that number pad for the serious number crunching. This is where the Numpad enters the picture, thanks to the good folks at Mobee, now you don’t have to compromise. For $29.90 you get the Magic Numpad.

3 different layouts are available and delivered in the pack to let you customize the way you want to use your Numpad :

– Have a full Numeric Calculator Keyboard at your fingertips or,
– Have a full-function Numeric Calculator Keyboard plus a tactile area on the Magic Trackpad or,
– Have a full-function Numeric Calculator Keyboard with configurable “shortcut” buttons for use with programs of your choice.

With the overlays and a free download of Mobee’s free Snow Leopard or Lion compatible software, your Magic Trackpad will be transformed into a fully functioning Magic Numpad.

The Magic Numpad is up for pre-order now on Mobee’s website. Availability is set for October.