LAPD seize $10 million fake iPods and iPhones.


In the past fee years there has been a growing problem for Apple, “Counterfeits” as the iPhone and iPod have gained popularity among consumers, they are also becoming more popular among counterfeiters.

Now however LAPD has made a giant leap in the fight against fakes, Port police in Los Angeles busted a counterfeit iDevice operation with a warehouse full of fakes with an estimated market value of $10 million.

“This was a well-funded operation, and the counterfeits looked very authentic,” said Ron Boyd, chief of the approximately 200-member L.A. Port Police force, adding that a buyer might not have noticed anything awry until he or she got home and tried to hook up with iTunes.

During the course of the investigation, police found bank account receipts that indicate the operation had already generated more than $7 million in profits.


An iPad for some iPot?

Two men from Arizona had a great idea for getting hold of an iPad, they simply placed an ad on to help them get hold of the device. Now while this doesn’t sound like such a stupid idea, this next part defenitely will, see their offer was to trade marijuana and an iPod for an iPad. To prove that they actually possed the iPod, and perhaps also the pot, the gentlemen posted a picture of his possesions.

Of course this add quickly sparked the attention of Gilbert Arizona Police. Who after noticing the Craigslist ad, decided to set up a trade with the guys. Jacob Walker (the alleged trader) met with police, at which time he presented the marijuana to an undercover detective. Of course as you can imagine, it didn’t take long before he was placed under arrest, as well as his friend.

One thing is for sure, this mess will really cost much more than the $499 a new iPad would have cost him, sometimes crime just doesn’t pay.