.Mac HomePages to be retired!

Many .Mac HomePage owners will be heavy hearted after hearing that the websites they have created with the Apple iTool will no longer be accessible as of November 8.

According to an e-mail received earlier Apple said that it would be “retiring” HomePage and that users would no longer be able to edit the site, earlier though Apple said that “users’ sites would “remain live on the web for as long as you wish.” But now it seems as if “As long as you wish” doesn’t extend past November 8th, since Apple has decided that all sites will be taken offline.

Files hosted on the .Mac homepage won’t go away—users can retrieve them from their iDisks—but Apple is recommending all users switch to either a MobileMe Gallery or to a site published with the company’s iWeb software. Those users looking to migrate their photos or videos from a HomePage to a MobileMe Gallery can refer to a pair of knowledge base documents.