Google “Tilt” on your iDevice and see what will happen!!!


This is pretty funny, the guys at posted this funny tidbit!

Grab your iDevice, open Safari, and use the Google search box to search for “tilt”.

Your search results are… tilted like the image above!


iPad App store gets search filters!

We have been waiting for this feature for a while, and now according to MacStories it is finally here. Apple just added a very useful new feature to the iPad App Store: search filters.

As the image above shows, there are now five different filters you can assign to app searches: Category, Release Date, Customer Rating, Price and Device.

This added search functionality hasn’t made it to the iPhone/iPod touch App Store apps yet, but considering how cramped the screens are on those devices, it might never show up. Notably, these filters also aren’t yet available on the desktop version of the App Store, so right now the iPad seems like the best way to search for apps.

No update is required on your end; this is a backend change to the App Store itself, so if you’re using an iPad, you should already be seeing this updated feature.