Apple offers free shipping on all purchases made before Dec. 22

Apple Offers Free Shipping On All Items Purchased Through Its Online Store Before Dec. 22

If you are anything like me you will wait until the last minute with completing your Christmas purchases, then this will be great news for you, you can now get free shipping on all items in the Apple online store. The company started the promotion today as part of its Christmas sales push, and it will run until December 22.

You can take advantage of the offer by purchasing goods from Apple’s website, or by using the Apple Store app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Free delivery is currently only available to those in the U.S., according to Apple’s website. However, it’s possible other territories will get see free shipping soon for the Christmas rush. Thanks to Apple’s signature gift wrapping service (also free!), you can purchase gifts for friends and family via the online store and have them delivered directly to their recipients. Free shipping means you don’t have to worry about how many items you purchase, or how many deliveries you wish to make.

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iPad Shipping time under 24 hours from Apple’s US online store

In mid-July, Apple seemingly caught up with the iPad 2 rush as orders were finally shipping within 1-3 from the Apple Online Store. Now, Apple has taken this improvement in supply and demand even further.

The Cupertino company now quotes a “within 24 hours” iPad 2 shipping time from the United States online store.

Readers might remember that theiPad 2 demand was at one point so high that the store was quoting 4-5 week shipping times

International iPad shipping times start at 2-3 weeks!

Well this was almost to be expected, in the first few days after the US release of the iPad 2 the shipping time increased to several weeks, now the international launch has already started in some countries, these however are recording order times of 2-3 weeks before it is delivered. Imagine what that number will be like later when the iPad reaches all countries!

Our suggestion is unless you can wait for your iPad, then you should really head to your nearest Apple Store and wait in line. Expect supplies to be even more constrained abroad than in the United States, though.

After 3 hours of release iPad 2 Shipping Times increases to 2-3 weeks

Wow that really didnt take long. After only 3 hours of release, the shipping times for the iPad 2 has already increased to more than 2 weeks.

Apple is likely offering conservative shipment estimates at this time as it seeks to balance its existing stocks and incoming shipments against the surge of orders, so customers may see new orders ship before that timeframe. Regardless, Apple is clearly seeing high demand relative to its launch supplies. Several analysts are predicting debut sales of 500,000-600,000 units, nearly double the 300,000 units sold in the first-day launch of the original iPad

It will be interesting to see whether these shipping times will have an impact on Apple’s scheduled March 25th launch for the iPad 2 in over two dozen other countries.

Supplies of new Macbook Air dwindling fast.

That didn’t take long, the supplies of the new Apple 11-inch MacBook Air seem to be tightening just a week after the product’s launch. Both in store an online the shipping and supply estimates are slipping to 1-3 business days. All other models (11-inch and 13-inch) remain at “within 24 hours” for stock configurations. In addition, a sampling of Apple’s retail stores are similarly showing no availability for reservations of the product.

The reduced availability suggests that demand for Apple’s smallest notebook computer, with an entry-level price of $999, is running high and that the company has run through much of its launch supply.