MacUpdate releases WinterBundle

Tis the season for shopping and gifting, so why not give yourself an early Christmas present, MacUpdate today offers their new $49.99 Dec 2011 Bundle headlined by TechTool Pro, TotalFinder, Postbox 3 and FontPack Pro Master Collection and seven more quality apps for $49.99.  TechTool Pro, which retails for double the entire bundle price, includes a bootable DVD disk for disk repair and diagnostics.

8 of the 11 100% Mac OS X 10.7 compatible apps are available as demos, which can be downloaded in a single dmg from here. (TechTool Pro 6, FontPack Pro Master Collection, and Neverwinter Nights 2 do not have demos)

As a bonus, the all-new IconBox 2.5 goes to the first 15,000 buyers. $49.99 at MacUpdate

Full rundown below:

1. TechTool Pro 6 ($99.99) – A leading Mac utility, with tools for diagnosing virtually all hardware problems and for repairing and optimizing hard drives. A bootable DVD disk image is included in the bundle, and version 6 features improved eDrive functionality, enabling all of the app’s tools to be ran from the boot drive, perfect for Macs without optical drives.

2. TotalFinder ($18.00) – Adds Web browser-like Tabs to the Finder and other must-have enhancements for a more productive Finder experience.

3. Postbox 3 ($29.95) – Arguably the most powerful email client for Mac OS X, offering countless more features than Mac OS X’s built-in Get more from your email and organize your correspondence with Postbox.

4. FontPack Pro Master Collection + FontBoss Font Management Utility ($300.00) – A collection of 6,200 OpenType fonts with a 5 Mac commercial-use license. Includes the all new FontBoss font management utility from Macware.

5. Labels & Addresses ($49.99) – The most complete label printing app for Mac, capable of printing all sorts of address labels, envelopes, inventory labels and price tags. It’s also ideal for businesses, offering full support for various barcode formats, including UPC, ISBN and EAN.

6. Mac DVDRipper Pro 3 ($19.95) – The gold standard for copying DVD movies to your Mac, version 3 is now capable of converting your DVD movies to formats that are friendly for your AppleTV or iOS devices, making it simple for anyone to get movies from DVD onto their iPad or iPhone.

7. Hear ($19.95) – Hear is a unique utility that improves your Mac’s audio, providing you with an equalizer for every app that makes games, movies, music, or TV shows sound better. Whether you’re listening through your MacBook’s speakers, headphones, or a premium sound system, Hear will improve the experience.

8. Back In Focus ($99.95) – A professional-caliber tool that’s easy enough for novices to use, Back In Focus rescues your blurry photos by improving their sharpness with several advanced algorithms.

9. iClip 5 ($18.99) – The premier multi-clipboard & scrapbook tool that enables you to keep a history of almost anything you copy, instead of only the last item. iClip also makes it easy to organize your clips into sets to store various things like web addresses, frequently used logos, code snippets, and more.

10. FoldersSynchronizer ($40.00) – If you own more than one Mac and want to keep files consistent on all of them or you want a powerful tool for scheduling and creating backups, FolderSynchronizer is the best utility for the job.

11. Neverwinter Nights 2 ($19.95) – One of the most acclaimed fantasy role-playing games to emerge in recent years. With an engrossing storyline and multiplayer support, NeverWinter Nights will keep you engaged for many hours of enjoyable gameplay.”We’ve put together another powerful and versatile collection of top-rated apps that any Mac user can benefit from,” said Misha Sakellaropoulo, COO of MacUpdate. “With the broad appeal and overall utility of this bundle, buyers will enhance the workflow and enjoyment of their Mac.”


Fall 2011 Mac SuperBundle Released

This week Cult of Mac Deals and StackSocial are bringing you ten apps to make your Mac driven life a thousand times better.

Get 10 Top-Selling Mac Apps for the Price of One with the Fall 2011 Mac SuperBundle [Deals]

Fantastical – Calendar apps are usually pretty boring. You log an appointment in it and then you never think about the app again. Fantastical is here to bring a little bit of flavor and awesomeness to your drab calendar app. Fantastical allows you to create events instantly via natural language input. One of the great things is that the app works perfectly with iCal, Entourage, and Outlook so you don’t have to change over to a new calendar system, it even recognizes event locations and sends invites directly from your Address Book.

Get 10 Top-Selling Mac Apps for the Price of One with the Fall 2011 Mac SuperBundle [Deals]

Camtasia – If you’re not a fan of iMovie but don’t want the complexity of Final Cut Pro X, you should try using this great video tool. TechSmith’s Camtasia for Mac gives you flexible recording options, professional yet easy-to-use editing tools, plus web and mobile sharing capabilities so you can show incredible video screencasts to the world.

System requirement: Intel-based Mac, OS X 10.4 or later, 1GB of RAM.

Get 10 Top-Selling Mac Apps for the Price of One with the Fall 2011 Mac SuperBundle [Deals]

CleanMyMac – Hard drive space is a valuable commodity, especially if you’re totting around the new MacBook Air with a 64GB or 128GB harddrive. MacPaw’s CleanMyMac safely and thoroughly cleans unneeded files, system junk and application leftovers from your computer. It’s the easy-to-use yet full-featured cleaner and maintenance solution that your Mac needs to stay clean and run efficiently.

Get 10 Top-Selling Mac Apps for the Price of One with the Fall 2011 Mac SuperBundle [Deals]

HoudahSpot– Don’t get me wrong, Spotlight is great, if it weren’t then Microsoft wouldn’t be putting their version of it in Windows 8. However, sometimes navigating through Spotlight and finding the right files that you need can be tedious when you’re swimming in a sea of files and can’t figure out how to fine tune your Spotlighting abilities. Houdah Software’s HoudahSpot is a powerful and efficient search utility that unleashes the power of Spotlight. HoudahSpot makes it easy to quickly find, browse and tag your files.

Get 10 Top-Selling Mac Apps for the Price of One with the Fall 2011 Mac SuperBundle [Deals]

MacHider – We’re not suggesting that you might have some files on your Mac that you’d like to keep hidden from certain private eyes. That’s for you to decide. But should you need to keep some sensitive information private this is the app you need to keep the process simple but efficient. MacPaw’s innovative MacHider makes sure your personal files and folders are hidden and your passwords are protected and stored in a safe place. Keep confidential information away from third parties!

Get 10 Top-Selling Mac Apps for the Price of One with the Fall 2011 Mac SuperBundle [Deals]

DiscLabel – Nothing says, “I actually care about the content on this CD that I’m giving to you,” more than a fancy disc label on top of said CD. Smile Software’s DiscLabel lets you create, print and share beautiful CD, DVD labels and case inserts. It even comes with a wide variety of professionally-designed templates perfect for business and home use.

Get 10 Top-Selling Mac Apps for the Price of One with the Fall 2011 Mac SuperBundle [Deals]

EnSoul – Did you see all the awesome new wallpapers that came out with the iPhone 4S? Oh wait, there weren’t any. Hey Apple, what gives? It’s ok though, because we have an app for that. The Ensoul app from MacPaw lets you truly customize your iPhone! Crop and resize contact photos, create custom wallpapers, style and edit photos and much more – all in just minutes!

Get 10 Top-Selling Mac Apps for the Price of One with the Fall 2011 Mac SuperBundle [Deals]

Audio Converter Pro – There’s nothing more painful than getting stuck with your favorite band’s album formated in .flac, or heaven forbid .wma. Both of which require some tinkering to get to play in iTunes. Luckily there’s some great apps out there to manage your audio conversions, and Audio Converter Pro is the best on the market. Produce files like a sound professional with Audio Converter Pro – the powerful all-in-one audio converter for conversion between different formats, video sound extraction, audio CD ripping and more.

Get 10 Top-Selling Mac Apps for the Price of One with the Fall 2011 Mac SuperBundle [Deals]

Font Explosion – Helvitica is sooooo 1957. It’s time for you to step up your typeface game and try out something new other than Times New Roman, Arial, and Comic Sans. Font Explosion includes FIVE HUNDRED 100% royalty-free, sensational TrueType® fonts for home, school and office. Each font is fully-scalable to any point size and easily integrates with your favorite applications like Microsoft Word, Pages, Keynote, Adobe® Photoshop® and more. With each font family fully compatible with all popular inkjet and laser printers, the Mac SuperBundle Font Explosion software makes print jobs a breeze!

Save a ton of money with the Mac SuperBundle

Does saving over $300 on 10 of the best apps for the Mac sound like a good deal to you? We think so too.

The Mac Superbundle consist of 10 Mac apps for $49. Apps in the bundle, like Parallels 6, usually run for about $50 or more, so check inside to see if something catches your eye.

Apps included in the Mac Superbundle:

The Mac SuperBundle deal lasts for 11 more days, so be sure to head over to the bundle’s website to get these 10 great apps for only $49.99. Parallels alone should make this bundle worth the purchase.

All titles in this bundle are either OS X Lion compatible, or will be getting compatibility updates soon.