iTunes 10.3 ready for download

After loads of start trouble iTunes 10.3 is finally available for download through Apple’s site, and should be making its way to the Software Update later today.

iTunes 10.3 introduces iTunes in the Cloud beta with the music you purchase in iTunes appearing instantly on all your devices. You can also download past iTunes purchases, which was first enabled on iOS devices late yesterday. The download weighs in at  74.02 MB.

Apple’s WWDC Is Already Sold Out

Wow if you thought that Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference sold out fast last year, then wait until you hear that this years sold out in less than 12 hours after $1599 tickets went on sale.

This looks like a record. Last year, it took 8 days for WWDC to sell out.

Apple’s annual developers conference takes place June 6-10 in San Francisco. The conference will focus on iOS 5 and Mac OS Lion.

Even though Apple normally uses this even to introduce new iPhone hardware, they are hinting at a no iPhone event, meaning we will have to wait a little longer before getting our hands on the iPhone 5.