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This is the first post in a new weekly series!

Each week we will post a new TOP 5 list, if you have any suggestions for a TOP 5 just leave a comment and we will take your suggestions into consideration!

TOP 5 Terminal Commands:


Since these commands all deal with Terminal, unless you know exactly what you are doing we strongly suggest that you create a back-up before trying them

5. Get a massive Dock

If you want giant-sized magnified Dock icons, then follow these simple steps:

1. Enable Magnification in System Preferences > Dock,

2. In Terminal type:

defaults write largesize -int 512; killall Dock

Top 25 terminal tips: mssive dock

If you do it correctly then this command will increase the maximum icon size to 512×512 pixels. You can substitute another figure if you wish, but don’t go any higher than 512. To switch this effect off, just return to the Dock’s preferences and move the Magnification slider back.

4. Kill a process

If you are having problems with a process and want to restart it, simply open the Terminal and type the following(Note that process names are case-sensitive):

killall [process name]

3, Autoplay movies in QuickTime X

QuickTime X has no Preferences, which also means that you can’t force QuickTime to Auto-play a movie when you open the application, which is where Terminal comes into play,  to make a movie automatically start playing when you open it, type the following command in Terminal:

defaults write MGPlayMovieOnOpen 1

2. 2D Dock

This next command is very popular among people running Leopard who don’t like the 3D feel of the dock. The command will change the 3D dock to a flat 2D version. Once again simply type the following in the Terminal:

defaults write no-glass -boolean YES

To make the changes work just restart the dock by typing:

killall Dock

1. Quit Finder like any other app

With this handy command, you can quit out of Finder in the same way you would any other app:

defaults write QuitMenuItem -bool YES; killall Finder

Top 25 terminal tips: quit finder

If this command is used correctly then a Quit option now appears at the foot of the Finder menu.

If you want to remove it then simply type:

defaults write QuitMenuItem -bool NO; killall Finder

Additional suggestion:

This last addition is more of a fun command. The “say” command makes your mac repeat what you type, simply open terminal and type:

say this blog rocks

of course you can add anything after say but you must type “say”

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